Pharma Drug Launch

Situation: Pharma advertiser looking to launch in a competitive therapeutic area with a next-gen biologic drug needed to identify HCPs most likely to prescribe to drive rapid market traction post-launch. They also needed to understand what content and marketing mix would be optimal to effectively engage these HCPs from Drug awareness to script conversion.

Approach: HCP audience segments created using NPI based physician identity mapped to 3rd party script data as well as geo/demo/ psychographic data based on 3rd party audience identity backbone. Leverage combination of clickstream and survey data to map physician journeys leading up to and after brand site visit and incorporate into omnichannel media plan.

Result: HCP propensity segments activated using Audience insights and journey maps drove strong post-campaign site engagement.

Audience Data Platform

Situation: B2B SaaS platform that provides multichannel advertising data was looking to expand into audience data capabilities.

Approach: We conducted an in-depth competitive landscape review, aided by internal and external VOC/stakeholder interviews and developed a feature prioritization matrix, using the Northstar framework and validated use-cases external stakeholders prior to the internal DevOps team doing the build and deployment.

Results: Client was successfully able to launch these feature innovations within the SaaS product with strong marketplace receptivity.

Point-of-Care Marketing Thought Leadership

Situation: POCMA, an industry association of Point-of-Care Marketing industry participants, was looking to delve into measurement consistency challenges of various POC performance tools.

Approach: Syneractiv conducted 1-on-1 interviews of POC measurement experts and also fielded an industry survey as well as an expert panel discussion to uncover and establish best practices for POC measurement.

Results: POCMA and Syneractic published a joint white-paper articulating analytic best practices in POC Marketing measurement, which has been very well received and is already driving grass-roots level change in measurement quality and rigor. Click below for full thought leadership paper (external link) -