Do you need a vacation out of office email strategy?

 Have you ever returned from vacation, where you were able to disconnect, recharge and rejuvenate, only to come back to a mountain of email that immediately elevated your stress to pre-vacation level? Summer is in full swing and most people are emerging from lockdown and planning some sort of time-off. And coming back from any meaningful amount of leave means you need to have a strategy to deal with email, especially since the advent of the pandemic brought a 50% increase in email volume. Here is is a great read on the topic. Some great advice in this quick read. Interesting observation by the author that the  the vast majority messages she received during her vacation didn’t warrant direct response from her. Should we exclude people that have OOO messages on that indicate more than 2-3 days, unless they are critical to the conversation? Or may be if critical write them a separate note with delivery delayed to the day of their return? I don’t know, but in any case, this is an area where I suspect corporate culture will evolve soon, because it is evident it is a stress inducer! #email #strategy #corporateculture #worklifebalance #vacationmode

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