Google's not extending FLoC origin trials as part of its Privacy Sandbox Cookieless future

As the #adtech universe digests Google‘s decision last month to give a reprieve to the third party cookie until 2023, here’s some insight from #Chromium ( into #FLoC Origin trials (part of Chrome #PrivacySandbox) that are ending tomorrow:
-33,872 browsing interest based Cohorts (FLoCIDs)
-2000 minimum number of qualifying Chrome users in a cohort

-735 minimum number sets of visited domains in a cohort. Content creator CafeMedia‘s AdThrive did an interesting analysis below on grouping the 34K FloCIDs into 34 sets of 1000 each (they call it KFLoCs) and mapped their top 10 content keywords. On the downside, this analysis shows fuzzy targetable interest patterns at best (foodie, outdoors, travel from a quick glance). Probably part of the reason Google apparently is not extending the trial, but instead are “hard at work on improving FLoC to incorporate the feedback we’ve heard from the community before advancing to further ecosystem testing”. IMO, this doesn’t mean advertisers should lift their foot off the #cookieless pedal, it is inevitable, given other major browsers have already done this. Personally, I think, if anything, the FLoC experiment highlights the need to hedge your bets with other approaches including building a #firstpartydata ecosystem and/or explore audience #identity consortiums. ( #thirdpartycookies #audiencetargeting #addressability #cookieless 

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