IRI CPG Blog Post: Surf’s up! Time to Ride the Online Video Wave?

Posted on the IRI CPG Blog a couple of weeks back about the traction Online Videos have been getting in the industry in direct competition to traditional TV advertising.

The post highlights 3 reasons to get in on Online Videos today:

  1. Efficiently enhance your message reach on traditional TV
  2. Test your TV campaigns
  3. Reap early adopter benefits

Check the original post out here.

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  1. 28 Apr, 2014 - 00:12 am content on OLV vs. Traditional TV from Media Dynamics. OLV CPM issue is a bit fuzzy because of the high degree of fragmentation in OLV properties outside of the big ones (YouTube et al) that creates a lack of consistency in inventory. I have seen CPMs as low as $2-3.


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