"Wal-Mart-esq" Marketing Strategy at Hyundai Motors?

I just saw the Hyundai ad that offers to buy back your new Hyundai if within a year of purchase you lose your job- talk about making best out of the situation! They were already pushing the best value for your money line- but this is quite a bold move that for the time-being stands head and shoulders above the rest of the “economic downturn? we are here to rescue” pitches. If it doesn’t burn a hole in their pockets, this should bode well for their brand equity. On the flip-side, Hyundai taking back my new car will ease the pressure of making payments, but now I will not only be jobless but also car-less.

Honda, Toyota: this is your opportunity to outdo those smarty-pants at Hyundai Marketing- make a counter-offer of also throwing in a free loaner for those job interviews (you can thank me in cash for this free tip).

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