Marketing Effectiveness Analytics Comes of Age

As Marketing Effectiveness Analytics comes of age, it seems to have been promoted from specialized firms to it’s own practice area within Marketing Strategy dvisions of Crème de la Crème of the consulting world and from an esoteric existence within Market Research Departments to the Corporate Boardroom- almost a Cinderella story. Marketing Effectiveness Analytics today is the tool of choice while setting benchmarks and hurdle rates for assessing marketing campaign performance, setting new product marketing budgets and pricing strategy shifts.

Studies like Marketing ROI Analysis (a.k.a Marketing-Mix Modeling a.k.a Marketing Effectiveness Analysis), Marketing Spend and Advertising Optimization etc. were not mainstream services within the Marketing practice area of blue-chip firms like McKinsey, Accenture, Booz and Deloitte. Now these firms have dedicated sections to Marketing Effectiveness/Efficiency within their Marketing practice area. It’s not as if they have created new and improved version of these analytics that have been practiced by niche firms for the last 20 years or so, they have just added their branding to them and this is causing C-level execs to take notice. So now that Marketing Effectiveness Analytics has established as a mainstay within the “must-haves” of Market Research tools, hopefully there will be more focus on standardizing this tool across industries so that the results can be normalized and used as benchmarks.

One potential outcome of marketing effectiveness becoming a standardized corporate practice is that GAAP could be amended to treat Marketing as a Capital expense (maybe a bit of a stretch but not impossible). This will have far-reaching effects on marketing budget management- for instance if marketing expenses could be capitalized and amortized over time instead of in the same revenue period, Corporate stakeholders would be less likely to slash marketing budgets every time costs need to be trimmed. Return hurdles set by Marketing Effectiveness analyses would ensure that marketing spending is efficient and productive thereby providing a check to a tendency to overspend and amortize over longer periods. Just a thought.

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